Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A Separate Place

First Ascent

Jesse climbing aboard for the first time

lighting a fire


view toward the bridge

view through the closed door

Kassia comfortable inside

A Net in the Trees

net in the workshop awaiting the steel ring

assembling the ring

Daniel, Kassia, and Margaret tightening the net

early morning stretching

tight net spliced to the ring

Jan and Margaret preparing steel rope

fixing cables to the trees

transporting the ring to site

hardware prepared for connection to ring

Jesse & Charlie considering the results

April Snow at Hooke



Margaret's sketch of weight inside chimney to offset opening lid

counterweight coming out from its formwork

counterweight to be fit inside chimney - 22kg

pulley for counterweight cable

pulley fixed to pipe

template for top front steel plate

steel brackets to locate chimney within lid:

holes drilled for steel plates

bearings in place around chimney

timber & steel lid to chimney connection

Jesse & Charlie fixing weight below to be fit into chimney

cable through pulley at top

cable through internal connection to lid